The Life and Travels of a Plush Twilight Sparkle

Tonight Spike and I removed the Pinkie Pie Equestria Girls doll from her box. After looking over her, there really is not much modification that needs to be done, The eyes on her are actually really close to the eyes in film.. minus the little cutie mark in it. They are the right size where Twilight’s were really small and needed to redone. I have used Photoshop to create a set of eye decals for her, still need to print and test paper taped over to confirm the scale. Looking over her clothing there is some minor over-spray from the white paint on her shirt over her vest and sash, that should be easy to fix using painters masking tape and nail polish remover. Comparing screen shots to her boots, there rally is not a lot to do, just to use a slightly darker shade of blue paint to paint the tongue and heels. I don’t think she will take much time at all. Also we have started looking for 1/6 scale props to set them up on a camping trip. I hope everypony is having a great start to their work/school week. 

Happy Labor Day everypony! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday. We took a road trip down to Watch Hill in our home state of Rhode Island. First we stopped at the Ocean House Hotel, a Victorian era hotel build in 1868. We could not access the hotel grounds cause of fences and signs saying the area was for guest only… I looked online when we got home, for the cheapest 1 bedroom $725 a night, most expensive room goes for $2,950 a night! Lets just say we will not be staying a night there. After touring the grounds around the hotel Spike and I headed down the path to the Watch Hill Lighthouse. We stopped to view a sailing regatta in progress. It was a little warm and Spike rode on my back for a while as we walked to the light house… It had a fence around it, we could only get so close… But the grounds around it were really nice, and we were able to relax for a while. After that we went to a local Tea House and had ice tea and clam chowder. Now for a little rest, my hooves are killing me from all the walking. I am going to read a little on the couch and after that I am going to start preparing our next Equestria Girl mod, which most have suggested Pinkie Pie, so we will be doing her next. 

We did not get to go out today, my owner was busy at his parents house setting up for a cook out tomorrow. Then after that he went out with friends… It is a long weekend and I do hope he plans on taking Spike and out for photos soon… but he did pick us up some more dolls… I took the tent out of storage while my owner was away and played with the Twilight Equestria Girls doll, once her friends are done they can have a camping trip… maybe we can even take the tent out to a park or my owner’s parents house and get a photo set! I am not sure which doll we should try to modify next?  Which one should I start on next everypony?

Good Evening/Morning Everypony, I have just completed the doll’s modification. Being the first time I have ever attempted something like this, I am very satisfied with the results. My owner has a three day weekend coming up, so we are hoping to be able to get out and about and maybe we can pick up another Equestria Girls doll to mod, I had fun doing this. Thank you everypony for the feedback which helped me decided to take this project on and curve the direction it went, with out the input I don’t think it would have came out as well as a it did. 

And of course it figures, both sets of right eyes I print out get tangled when trying to apply. I will have to print that out again and try again… Other wise I think the left eye which applied fine on the first try. Shows a good proof of concept. 

MAGIC OF FRIENDSHIP!!!!! Could not resist…. apparently per the instructions the decal sealer for the printer requires 2 hours to dry…

MAGIC OF FRIENDSHIP!!!!! Could not resist…. apparently per the instructions the decal sealer for the printer requires 2 hours to dry…

No turning back now… I have taken her head off, removed the eyes, and stenciled in the white for the eyes. Now the decal sheet has printed, but it needs to be coated with a clear decal binder spry before I can apply to the head.  This is ok as it gives time for the white paint to dry.

Well we picked up some decal paper for the printer, and I have decided on eyes.  They are generic but I believe they suit the purpose. They are just paper taped on the face at the moment. Tomorrow I will remove the painted eyes that came on the doll, make a stencil of the each eye to apply the white paint via air brush. depending on how well that works we may try to apply the decals. Then I plan on working on a stencil for the eyebrows, to apply last. That is my plan at least lol. I am very grateful to everypony for there feedback thus far.  I hope I got the eye size correct, it is hard to judge form screen shots. Any thoughts?

The shoes and leg warmers are done. Also I painted the buttons to match the cartoon. Now the hard part, the eyes and I have a plan! Some may consider it cheating, but I believe for the best results I will have to screen cap or find a vector of the eyes looking straight, then crop them in photo shop and print them on a clear decal. Paint the eye area white and place the transparent decal over it. It will involve printing a few paper eyes and placing on the dolls face until a size has been determined giving the best visual appearance. Then use that size and make a stencil to air brush white over the eye socket area, then place the decal over that. Worse comes to worst I mess up and buy another doll and swap the shoes. 

The Shoes/Leg Warmers are coming along, I do have to admit, who ever at Hasbro came up with the mold for these did a fantastic job, it is a shame the doll does not have them painted up. There are great textures here on the Leg Warmers, and also the lines for the stitching stand out so it was not that hard to paint highlight them.  What remains now is do do the semi gloss black on the heels, but they need to dry over night first. Also since the shoes are off, you can see this version of Equestira Girls doll has feet, which the first wave lacked. Currently looking at options on how to paint the eyes. Thinking It may be easier to paint white and print a decal, but am going to practice on some card board to see if I can get painting the eyes down before trying on the doll.