The Life and Travels of a Plush Twilight Sparkle

Good evening every pony I hope you are doing well. The past couple of days may owner has been sick, he still went to work but rested while at home. Spike and I tried to stay quiet so he could rest. I did get caught up on a few books I have been meaning to read which was really nice, but we did not make any progress on modifying the remaining Equestria Girls dolls. Tonight we unboxed Rainbow Dash.  Looking over her the modifications we will need to for the shoes will require paining the white of the heel and for her shirt we will need to create a decal of her cutie mark to put on it. The collar will also need to be painted. It also appears that the painted shorts under her skirt are too long compared to her animated counter part, I will have to see if I can strip the paint to the proper lenght or if I need to remove it all together and repaint.  Well for now I am going to call it a night, tomorrow we are going out for some photos, But I am being told I need to wear my princess dress…. I am not excited about that.

Apple Jack is finished, I was able to find a small red elastic for her hair. Also by request of two friends, also my owners sister, and some of feedback from prior posts the next doll I am going to work on is Rainbow Dash… Spike is not pleased, he wanted Rarity to be done next. Well it the week has had a good start so far, I hope everypony had a good Monday as well.

Today has been slow, I finished off Apple Jack, well 90% finished, I used a clear elastic for her hair, still need to track down a small enough red elastic. 

Today has been slow, I finished off Apple Jack, well 90% finished, I used a clear elastic for her hair, still need to track down a small enough red elastic. 

I went for a walk through Roger Williams Park this afternoon, this time around I was able to find the Temple to Music. Also we tried something different, we used the camera on the phone instead of our Nikon. I think the images look clearer but the colors may be a bit over saturated. Anyway after we visited the park my owner picked me up some Pumpkin Spice Coffee, however the coffee shop was way to crowded to try to get some pictures there. We also stopped at the craft store to pick up the rest of the supplies we need to finish the Apple Jack Equestria Girls doll modification… A certain purple dragon spilled the bottle of white paint last night, hence why he did not come out today and had to stay home and clean it up today… I do hope everypony is having a great weekend… Now that I think of it I really should have worn my dress and crown for the photos at the Temple to Music… 

Today was a good day, I went with my owner to his work, it had slipped my mind that it was his birthday today, Looking at the calender I have no idea where Summer went, I still thought it was August!  I guess that was why he let me tag along to keep him company today… We went out to lunch break with a few friends and they gave him a mlp balloon and bucket full of flavored mints . They taste pretty good too! After work we visited his parents and were treated to dinner. Then we returned home where work called him and he had to do a few things for work after hours. He tells me not to worry about that stuff and that if the weather is nice we will do something fun on Saturday. I was able to print the eyes on for the AJ doll and test paper eyes on her face for scaling, then after I felt the scaling was right, I printed a few pairs on the decal sheet and sealed it. Next is to print out a stencil for the white part of the eyes, but I will wait till tomorrow to do that, for now I am just going to call it a night, it has been a long day for me.

I have just finished creating the decal in Photoshop for Apple Jack’s eyes, the boots are finished being painted, and I must admit they were harder then then I thought due to the surface texture, the paint kept wanting to spill over the area I was trying to apply it to with the detail brush. Her shirt belt and boots are complete next is to make a stencil for her eyes and freckles. Also on another note I will be going with my owner to his work tomorrow, maybe I can get some pictures in one of the labs or in the server room again. 

Good Evening everypony, it has been a rough weekend, my owner has been suffering allergies and did not feel good on Saturday.  We did not get to go out and do anything fun and little work has progressed slowly on the Equestria Girls Apple Jack doll. I did manage to repaint the green portion in the on the front and added it to the rear and inside the color. Also the belt has been painted. The boots will be next to paint, they came with gold on the top. But looking at the film as my reference it should be more of tan color, hopefully by Tuesday evening I will have those done. I am still working on finding a screen shot with a good eye to use to model the decals after. I hope everypony has had a good weekend, I am going to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea for the rest of the evening.

It has been along day, my owner was at work most of it, longer then usual. I had to wait patiently at home before he got home and would let me use the computer. After looking at the comments on the last post, we decided to go ahead and open the Apple Jack Equestria Girls doll.  After removing her from the box I had Spike fetch me some tea and started to get to work doing research. From what I can tell the following modification will need to be done to the head, eyes, eyebrows, freckles on the checks (since they are white I am leaning toward stenciling them after the eyes are done), and a red elastic/thread tied in her hair. With the shirt, her belt needs to be painted brow, it is molded on the bottom of the shirt, the apple buckle is already painted with the shirt. Also I need to see if the green part is on the back, it is white on the doll. The boots will require new paint on the top to match the paint that needs to go on the heel so they match as they do in the film. Other wise for now I am going to finish my cup of tea and call it a night, Will get started on making the eye decals tomorrow… if I can get sleep Spike is begging me to take the Rarity doll out of her box….

Ended up painting the eyebrows on Pinkie Pie, the decals proved to be too small to work with, which was a real pain, I am sure anypony that has attempted to make a model kit knows decals can be curl, esp on curved surfaces.  Still did the clear decals and had to mask and paint the white for the eyes, as the clear allows the eye lashes to appear nice and smooth as the whole eye surface. The clear decal does offer a little semi glass over the white painted portion of the eye. The wrist bands are actually a blue straw I cut, they slide over the hands, easy mod.  The individual eye for pinkie from the outer most lash to edge is approximately 0.532 inches and height from bottom to tip of highest lash is 0.595 inches. Once I finish all the eyes for all six girls I will post the file on my deviant art page for download. For the next doll I can do a more in depth tutorial if you would like to see?  Also any input on which doll should be next? 

Just finished Pinkie Pie’s eyes, realized I have forgotten her eyebrows. Using Photoshop as I have done before to grab the eyes from screen shots of the film to get the eyebrows to make a decal for them. I happy with the results so far.