The Life and Travels of a Plush Twilight Sparkle

It is Monday, I was able to get the decal for Rainbow Dashes tee shirt on tonight. Test fit the eye size for the decal placement, next is to make the stencil. I think I should be finished with her by this weekend. But I have to cut it short for now, we are about to settle to watch a movie… some classic film with Vincent Price in it….

This afternoon we went to see Rainbow Rocks… It was okay… I don’t want to sound negative but I was a little disappointed. Oh I should post a spoiler warning in case I slip and post spoilers… so this is your warning.  It started of really well, I liked the trio of girls “The Dazzlings” as villains, I liked Sunset Shimmer trying to be good. I thought the writers were crafty with creating a way for Twilight to travel back to the world of Canterlot High.  But where I felt the film’s fault was with Spike…. I know you must be saying what? Well in the first film Spike played the voice of reason and a driving force to assist Twilight in this new world and helped her accomplish the task at hand. He was reassuring and helped her stay on task and see things she was overlooking and most important to trust in her friends. It really showed his character in Equestria Girls. But in Rainbow Rocks Spike was there just to fluff Twilight’s ego and actually reminded me more of a used car sales man. Basically he keeps pushing the idea down everpony’s… I mean, everybody’s throat that “Twilight Sparkle can solve any problem, she has all the answers”  when Twilight is doubting herself that she can create a counter spell to fight the “The Dazzlings”. Heck if anything Spike is pushing Twilight toward the wrong direction, which is influencing her not to ask for help, which is a complete 180 from how he was in Equestria Girls. The other minor issue I found with the film was Rainbow Dash, her character was overkill with the not being a team player and being selfish. Where in the first film I enjoyed her being more of a team player then her pony counter part. Moving along to some of the higher points, the music, as expected was fantastic. The animations was up to par with the first film and the TV series. Also the credits witht he slide show of art work was a nice touch… And I recommend staying till after the credits, there is a little scene at the end which answered on my questions I had thought of during the first film and also makes me hopeful for the direction the third film will go.  Overall the film was not bad, it was enjoyable, but Equestria Girls had set the bar really high and Rainbow Rocks did not meet that height (In this plush unicorn’s opinion). I recommended seeing it if you can, but I am not sure it will have any value to re watch like I feel about Equestria Girls (Which if you have access to, watch Equstria Girls again, it really is a great film for the material they had to work with), but I will post another thought once I get the film on DVD. I hope everypony had a great weekend as I did. I also am asking if any pony has counter points to my thoughts to please post, perhaps I am being too critical on Rainbow Rocks?

Good evening everypony, I hope you are all well. The past few days have been rough, but I am getting back on track with modifying the Equestria Girls doll of Rainbow Dash. I have finished painting her shoes up and am currently working on finding the right set of eyes to use for her, as well as making a decal of her cutie mark for her tee shirt. I apologize for my bitterness with the lager plush pony. Spike thinks I was “freaking out” over the matter. Perhaps I was, but I assure you I am better now and over it. Sunday we will be going with friends to watch Rainbow Rocks, I am excited to see the sequel to Equestria Girls. I will post my thoughts on the film Sunday evening. Well I am going to cut it short here everypony, I hope you all have a great weekend. 

OK, it was suppose to be a joke, but it is true… I can now see why a giant Spike plush was purchased… Needless to say I am not to happy, my owner says this plush toy will be moved to other room, but he thought since we still need to pick up some paint for modifying the other equestria girls doll that I could to do a size comparison photo shoot for tumblr content… I am not so sure about this…He assures me it can not travel or fit in a messenger bag  and I am still his favorite Twilight Sparkle, but that is besides the point… I know there are some other plush Twilight Sparkle toys here, only one other is sentient like me, the one I have designated as Purse Twilight Sparkle, cause she likes to stay in her little purse. Purse Twilight is kind enough to travel for me when I am can’t go with my owner. This large one does not appear to be sentient… It has been here since last Friday. I will say this, it has been well crafted and made with quality, it’s coat is also super soft, but just because it is soft does not mean I like it. The person who made it ( for my owner is really talented, it is high quality work, heck I will admit that I am jealous of the stitching. I am still looking over the books to see how much money my owner spend to commission her, and I am a little pissed off since he has me and did not need this thing as far as I am concerned!…. Anyhow I figured I would share since some people like to see large pony plushies and I will admit it works with the giant Spike…I put the projector screen on the floor and arrange it with the Spike and the playful size pony Twilight Sparkle and Spike for scale comparison. It appears to be in scale with the larger plush Spike. I hope everypony has enjoyed this photo set, as far as I am concerned it is being moved out of the room once I am done posting……………………….. Out of sight, out of mind as far as I am concerned…Buck it! there is no wine left! Wait the computer is still transcribing? Shut it off Spike!

My hooves are so tired, I went out with my owner and his friends to the local renaissance fair in Massachusetts, King Richards Faire. No wonder why he wanted me wear the princess gown. We had gone here before a few years back to this event. It really has not changed, and the events and entertainment were pretty much the same as before. The jousting was impressive, the horses did not have much to say, I forget that real equines are not as talkative. Also I was not impressed they charge and make ponies give humans rides… Anyway I hope everypony has had a great weekend. 

Good evening every pony I hope you are doing well. The past couple of days may owner has been sick, he still went to work but rested while at home. Spike and I tried to stay quiet so he could rest. I did get caught up on a few books I have been meaning to read which was really nice, but we did not make any progress on modifying the remaining Equestria Girls dolls. Tonight we unboxed Rainbow Dash.  Looking over her the modifications we will need to for the shoes will require paining the white of the heel and for her shirt we will need to create a decal of her cutie mark to put on it. The collar will also need to be painted. It also appears that the painted shorts under her skirt are too long compared to her animated counter part, I will have to see if I can strip the paint to the proper lenght or if I need to remove it all together and repaint.  Well for now I am going to call it a night, tomorrow we are going out for some photos, But I am being told I need to wear my princess dress…. I am not excited about that.

Apple Jack is finished, I was able to find a small red elastic for her hair. Also by request of two friends, also my owners sister, and some of feedback from prior posts the next doll I am going to work on is Rainbow Dash… Spike is not pleased, he wanted Rarity to be done next. Well it the week has had a good start so far, I hope everypony had a good Monday as well.

Today has been slow, I finished off Apple Jack, well 90% finished, I used a clear elastic for her hair, still need to track down a small enough red elastic. 

Today has been slow, I finished off Apple Jack, well 90% finished, I used a clear elastic for her hair, still need to track down a small enough red elastic. 

I went for a walk through Roger Williams Park this afternoon, this time around I was able to find the Temple to Music. Also we tried something different, we used the camera on the phone instead of our Nikon. I think the images look clearer but the colors may be a bit over saturated. Anyway after we visited the park my owner picked me up some Pumpkin Spice Coffee, however the coffee shop was way to crowded to try to get some pictures there. We also stopped at the craft store to pick up the rest of the supplies we need to finish the Apple Jack Equestria Girls doll modification… A certain purple dragon spilled the bottle of white paint last night, hence why he did not come out today and had to stay home and clean it up today… I do hope everypony is having a great weekend… Now that I think of it I really should have worn my dress and crown for the photos at the Temple to Music… 

Today was a good day, I went with my owner to his work, it had slipped my mind that it was his birthday today, Looking at the calender I have no idea where Summer went, I still thought it was August!  I guess that was why he let me tag along to keep him company today… We went out to lunch break with a few friends and they gave him a mlp balloon and bucket full of flavored mints . They taste pretty good too! After work we visited his parents and were treated to dinner. Then we returned home where work called him and he had to do a few things for work after hours. He tells me not to worry about that stuff and that if the weather is nice we will do something fun on Saturday. I was able to print the eyes on for the AJ doll and test paper eyes on her face for scaling, then after I felt the scaling was right, I printed a few pairs on the decal sheet and sealed it. Next is to print out a stencil for the white part of the eyes, but I will wait till tomorrow to do that, for now I am just going to call it a night, it has been a long day for me.