The Life and Travels of a Plush Twilight Sparkle

My day trip to the Big Apple Ponycon is over, it was fun, except the train ride/subway ride, I was crammed in my travel bag… the green one not the nice new one I got in Vegas. My owner said the reason was cause we were picking up lots of stuff, which we did, lots and lots of trading cards. We also got the Derpy lunch box, which has the last card we need for our collection series 1 of the trading cards. Such a nice feeling to check the last card of the check list… so heavenly. We sat through a couple of panels, browsed the shops and then decided to do some sight seeing and walked through Central Park. Then it was back in the bag… cramped quarters since we had all the goodies we picked up from the Enterplay shop, also I picked up two little adorable parasprites… they should not reproduce right… I mean I am toy, they are toys it only makes sense right? Well I will keep an out to see if they do. All and all it was  great day, hope everypony else had a great day, I am going to to bed, good night every pony.

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