The Life and Travels of a Plush Twilight Sparkle

After we had finished cleaning this morning I asked my owner if we could go outside the apartment for a while. We took a walk on the bike path near our apartment.  It was the one with Caboose near it that we like to walk ever now and again, I had posted photos of it sometime last summer.  We decided to get off the path and go underneath the bridge, I will admit I was a little scared I usually do not like to stray off the path. On our way back we stopped by the Caboose cause Spike has never seen one in real life. I was a little surprised that the paint has worn down so much in one year. Well for now I think I am going to go unpack my saddle bags and wash up, then read for a little while… I still need to review the toys we got in this morning too… I am just a little puckered out right now thou… I hope everypony is having a fun weekend.

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